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Thankyou for visiting our site , We have been trading as sidegra online for over five years , we are in the process of shifting our domain over to a new host , you can use this temporary site to place all your orders as previous

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Sidegra Online Pharmacy is an online superstore for Generic Erectile Dysfunction Medication , our main brands are the Thai generic Viagra ( Sidegra ) , the Indian generic Viagra Kamagra

The Kamagra comes in both Tablets and Gel and ( Apcalis ) which is the generic version of Cialis comes in Tablet form Only It is made by The Ajanta Pharmaceutical company in India .

We will soon be making available online other in demand medications like Finasteride ( Propecia ) generic , Xenical generic and some popular Antibiotics like Azithromycin and popular pain relievers like Ultracet.

We are located In Thonburi District Bangkok and have been helping Customers for years with their erectile Dysfunction Problems . Now we offer our services to the International Market with 100 % genuine products at reasonable Prices which include Free International Shipping with Tracking with orders over $10 USD.